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Treasure Factory is an improvised dance and music project by Meyrick Kaminski (Australia/UK) and Miriam Welk (Germany).
Kaminski comes from a background in fine art and electronic music, while Welk is involved in performance and choreography.

In our process and performances we employ chance operations and improvisation to transcend everyday, verbal communication. Every performance is a unique sound, movement and costume composition. We use elements of chance to define the title (of every piece). This informs the samples that are used, and the movement employed. Through performance, we arrive in a new space, where sound, structure, space, words and movement are sensitised, and narrative is a destination for the audience to reach in their own minds. By revealing the gaps between thought and narrative, we create space for a game with the fragments of daily life.

With freedom comes restriction. As much as every performance is an improvisation, it occurs within a defined structure. It is this confrontation with the edges and boundaries of stability that create momentum. The performance frames a question - addressed towards ourselves and the audience. Easy answers are not always forthcoming. Easy answers don't always satisfy either. Through the exploration of freedom against restraint, we seek new answers beyond language.


  1. Liebidow
  2. Miriam Welk
  3. Meyrick Kaminski