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Saint Louis, Missouri

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Tree Bicycle Co. LLC was established in 2002 by Sam Schulte and his passion for BMX and drive to bring truly better bike parts to the BMX industry. Never settling for the status quo, free thinking and inventive, we continue make BMX better by seeking out new materials, new manufacturing methods, and develop new designs to make our products relative, stronger, lighter, more affordable, and easier to use than the rest. We set the bar in the industry, and use our reputation to be proactive and promote a down to earth, positive, open, and honest image to the greater BMX community. At Tree Bicycle Co. we love BMX, and we want everyone to feel welcome, it's not about how you ride or what you ride that matters, it's that you enjoy riding, and we want to make sure you are enjoying yourself as much as possible, so we are always working to give you the best bike parts possible.

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