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The project TreesTakeLife was born from an idea of Martina Sanzi e Mina Chiarelli in May 2009 as a challange: to produce a different and easy-listening sound able to bring people into the world of dream and imagination. After the first debut EP Let Children be Children Again and the production of the short-movie Urban Man in No Coffee Land, they realized in October 2012 them first Album Roll Sound and..Action! edited by RAI and Smoothnotes Publishing.
They have worked on some TV advertisment such the spot for the Mondial Day Against Woman Violence produced by RAI, and on the FPZ's spot (for the challange of other important companies at the MOVI&CO at IULM of Milan). From 2013 TreesTakeLife works on some shortfilm produced by Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.
Actually the project is working on a new soundtrack for them first movie, My Saviour, directed by Steven Murphy and produced my Breezeblock Production.

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