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I am an award-winning, detail-oriented filmmaker accomplished in independent motion pictures, currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Digital Film and Video Production at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, IL.

Every production I take on is a fusion of ambition and passion, with the desire to accomplish one, simple goal: connect with someone emotionally. Through the years, I have seen my technical and creative skills, as well as my desire to create strong visuals, and impact audiences grow and evolve.

I have had the privilege to learn from Emmy and Academy Award winning professors. Through my extracurricular experience, I have learned how to effectively tell a captivating story that evokes the purist of emotions, in the most efficient way possible, by executing precise shots rich in character with captivating cinematography.

I look forward to every opportunity that I am able to collaborate with other creative individuals, and further progress my craft within the industry.

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