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  1. 106! Adventures Australia

    by Joel Devereux

    0 Videos / 4 Members

    106! Adventures is a music and cultural internet show that has just made it's way onto community TV. Featuring Joel Devereux, Romesh De Silva, Julia McIlveen, Ruwan De Silva, and loads others,…

  2. artist showcase

    by Bob

    3,337 Videos / 739 Members

    This group is about visual artists of every medium. Interviews, documentaries, autobiographies, studio tours and gallery events are perfect for this group.

  3. Best Fashion-Fine Art Videos

    by Posza Robert

    3,708 Videos / 1,595 Members

    Best Fashion-Art Video

  4. Canon DSLR Video Users


    5,376 Videos / 5,019 Members

    This group is dedicated to those who shoot with Canon DSLRs to make the many various forms of moving images you'll find in this group. Please take the time to enjoy some of the films, as well…

  5. Canon DSLR Video Users Group

    by John Muir

    51.4K Videos / 12.4K Members

    Videos made on the new generation of DSLR cameras including the T4i, T3i, T2i, T1i, 5D Mk II, 5D Mk III, 7D, 60d, 70D, 1D, 1D-C, EOS C300, 500 and the new C100 digital cinema cameras. New web site…

  6. CANON EOS 60D

    by Canon EOS 60D

    13.5K Videos / 4,119 Members

    Enjoy the videos captured with Canon EOS 60D. Also visit the Canon EOS 60D Channel at: www.vimeo.com/channels/Canon60D

  7. Canon EOS 60D [official]

    by Bryce Spivey

    1,595 Videos / 530 Members

    Everything 60D... Join the group, add the videos, and share the knowledge! Canon EOS 60D [reviews] http://vimeo.com/groups/canoneos60dreviews Canon EOS 60D [accessories] http://vimeo.com/groups/canoneos60daccessories Canon…

  8. Cool Music Videos

    by Fly on the Wall

    38.7K Videos / 10.2K Members

    Add your cool music video to this group, so far the videos on this group are all from South Africa - would be rad to make it global!


    by Bob Jeusette

    17.8K Videos / 4,981 Members

    Share your videos shot with a DSLR!

  10. DSLR Films

    by Michael Wolf

    2,593 Videos / 707 Members

    DSLR Films is dedicated to following the best of the DSLR revolution.

  11. DSLR Flix

    by CreativeDirector.me

    13.4K Videos / 4,211 Members

    The beauty of DSLR Cinematography! We love the new DSLR movie modes!!!! Viva Dslr cinephotography! ( currently the Nikon D90, D300s, D5000 Canon 5d mark II have movie modes) We also don't…

  12. DSLR HD's Group

    by DSLR HD

    7,410 Videos / 1,693 Members

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