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Online Magazine,, redefines trend forecasting through a rich visual journey.
Trendland Online Magazine is quickly claiming the leading edge of organic, spontaneous trend information.
The relatively young e-zine (2006) has gained a significant following among international trend-watchers and design addicts alike. Relentlessly pushing the limits in both rare content and alluring web design, the site is a beacon for voracious aesthetes around the world.

Finding the diamond among a sea of “must-view” fashion websites can be daunting but readers are discovering that Trendland is a truly fresh approach to fashion information. Stalking and hunting down style notes from all genres of culture including: music, art, design, photography, technology, pop culture, advertising, and of course, fashion, Trendland dishes out a multi-course menu of new ideas each day.

Creators and visionaries Cyril Foiret and Ani Tzenkova are the tireless two-person engine behind the unceasing wave of cultural ephemera. The nonchalant fashion raconteurs met by chance in New York City while Paris-native Cyril was working as a stylist in the city. Cyril and Ani have aptly named TrendLand after the information Wonder-

land they inhabit, Ani adds, “Trendland is what it sounds like, a world of raw trends, waiting to be nurtured and defined.”

Cyril is the design maestro behind the unique visual experience of Trendland. Readers are treated to stories printed against ever-changing visuals. “Images”, one of the most popular pages on Trendland, foreshadows the direction of the magazine in general, one who’s design is leaning towards an image-only menu of content with text only appearing at the user’s request; allowing the user to dictate their journey via personal interest.

Trendland aims to be the source for trend forecasters, professional and otherwise while redefining web media and becoming a techno-savvy hybrid of a magazine, art gallery and television all in one. Currently their multi-media assault on the fashion world includes their Online Magazine, TV, and The Mobile Dairy. Relying solely on
organic marketing, Trendland has carved out their niche as a respected influence in the fashion landscape.

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