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  1. 01:59:51

    Worship 2011

    by Trent Vineyard

    3 Videos

    John Wrights Summer 2011 series on Worship.

  2. 01:22:24

    Summer Term 2010 - Sunday Talks

    by Trent Vineyard

    2 Videos

    All John Wright's talks from Trent Vineyard in the summer term of 2010

  3. 03:31:45

    Abundant Life - Cause & Effect

    by Trent Vineyard

    5 Videos

    Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full", and yet many Christians experience something far short of what Jesus intended for us. The Bible paints a number…

  4. 02:47:00

    Growing Into Maturity - James 4 & 5

    by Trent Vineyard

    4 Videos

    James is one of the most down-to-earth, practical writers in the Bible, giving some deep insights into what it takes for followers of Jesus to grow in maturity. In this series of 4 talks, John Wright…

  5. 02:36:12

    The Race - Talks - Mobile Version

    by Trent Vineyard

    5 Videos

    These are the three talks where John Wright lays out the vision for the next part of Trent's expansion. These talks have been converted especially for mobile devices

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