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Trevor is a filmmaker who believes the condiments in his fridge or the contents in the trunk of his car (that he hasn't had time to clean) tell a better story than a bio could ever dream. But here goes...

Trevor likes to collaborate with brands and creative agencies to tell stories that grab people, that matter, and that might just make us better humanoids. Dealing in both cinematic imagery and grit-true authenticity, in humanity and humor, Trevor's work for Visa, Coca Cola, Jeep, T-Mobile, McDonald's and Google, among others, has garnered him the cfp-e Young Director’s Award, multiple Cannes Gold Lions, AICP honors, and induction into MOMA’s permanent collection. And he just so happened to conquer a fear of raccoons along the way. (Well, pretty much conquer.)

Along with renowned comedian and longtime collaborator Blaine Kneece, Trevor is also currently in development on “How To Look Like You’re Watching Television”, a broadcast comedy/drama series about sneaking onto television, which he also aims to do.

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