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Thessaloniki, Greece

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Angeliki Triaridou was born in Thessaloniki. She graduated from the Experimental School of the University of Thessaloniki and studied at the University of Ioannina School of Philosophy concentrating on Philosophy, Pedagogics and Psychology. From 1988 to 1994 she worked as a philologist in the private and public sector. From 1990 and on she works as a tv programs and documentaries script writer and producer, as a journalist and editor at the Greek and foreign press. She is also the owner of "ArtCLUB Cultural Center of Contemporary Art" and of "Galerie Garpola", a gallery of fine arts.
From 1995 to 2000 she wrote the script and supervised the 48 hourly episodes of the documentary series «To trito mati» (The Third eye), which were broadcasted on the 3rd channel of the Greek National TV and on ERT satellite, aiming at outlining expressions of the Greek civilization and modern Greek lifestyle within the global setting as well as presenting the beat of big cities and foreign countries. From this series, the documentary «Tunise: The Gate of the Desert» was awarded in 1996 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Tunise as the best European documentary on this country. A large portion of «The Third Eye» thematology was focused extensively and essentially on the past, the present and the evolutionary perspectives of the town of Thessaloniki, reporting all those elements that shape the particular character of the town in all aspects of social and cultural life. Moreover, since 1993 she has written the script and supervised more than 500 half-hour episodes of the program «Design», broadcasted on ET-3 (the 3rd Greek national channel), focusing on the course and development of Greek design, as well as the aesthetic pursuits of international design, architecture, art and their acceptance in Greece today. In 2000 «Design» was awarded by the international exhibition Salone del Mobile in Milan as a program of unique concept in European television. Since 1997 she has established and directed the "ArtCLUB", a cultural centre of contemporary art in Thessaloniki, which has presented over 30 individual and 10 group exhibitions of more than 40 Greek and foreign artists, while it undertook the initiative and organized the exhibition of Greek Creators for the Research Supporting Association against Leukaemia and Other Maladies (June 2001) and the Greek-Turkish Meeting of Artists (June 2002).
In 2008 she opened a new place of exhibitions of fine arts under the name "Galerie Garpola" (1 Garpola str., 54631, Thessaloniki, tel. 0030 2310 232058, e-mail:
She was also the editor in chief of the «Down Town Thessaloniki» monthly lifestyle magazine for 11 months and publication advisor for the cultural column, she has written a book on the organization of the syllogism in the Expression of Ideas, and hundreds of articles on design, art, architecture and culture issues on Greek and foreign press. Since November 2003 she has been the editing director of the 3-month MAUVE magazine, the first «life in art» magazine in Greece, which achieved to earn a difficult and demanding readership and to become a new suggestion in the publications sector. Also, since May of 2008 she is the editor in chief of "D.A.R.", a monthly magazine about art, design and architecture.
In 2002, she was elected Municipal Counsellor of Thessaloniki supported by the municipal party of Spyros Vougias «Thessaloniki, humane city». During her service at the Municipal Board she also was a member of the Cultural Committee for 4 years. In addition for 2 years she was a member of the Municipal Committee of Thessaloniki and of the Directing Board of the Municipal Company of Information, Shows and Communication of Thessaloniki.
She is married to the director Kostas Efremidis.

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