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Austin, Texas

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Tricia Tiede Copenhaver currently lives in Round Rock Texas and is the mother of two daughters; Ashlynn and Brooklyn. Together, the family enjoys spending time together and having family "date nights." As a family they partake in many activities together including family date nights, vacations and family sports. They moved to Round Rock in 2000 when Tricia was transferred for her job while working for Expeditors International as a Sales Executive from 1997 to 2002.

The Copenhavers are a very active family who love spending time together especially if they are playing a sport. During the fall and spring, the family plays soccer and basketball. Tricia coaches both of her daughters’ soccer and basketball teams. In the summer, Tricia’s girls compete on their swim team.

Besides sports, the family travels during the summer months together. The Copenhavers always take at least one trip to the beach and one to the mountains in Oakley, Utah with her sister’s family. While in Austin in the summers, the family spends the majority of their time at the lake where they swim and go out on their boat. Last summer, the family traveled to Florida and enjoyed hunting for sharks teeth and standing on the shore watching the dolphins swim past.

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