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  1. The double yellow line makes it look like a contra-flow bike lane. Removing the yellow lines along the island would help. As would adding a wrong way sign facing the wrong way traffic.
  2. By the way, ha ha on the Cziko Number. May I suggest that you call it czi?
  3. Thanks for making this informative video to demonstrate how to drive this bike lane without risk of being left-hooked. Another problem I noticed with this bike lane are the two manhole covers in the center of the bike lane between Goodale and the…
  4. The more you know the more you learn that you don't know. OK, so I'm thinking about how a cyclist would turn left from the 15th St cycletrack. If they turn left during the pedestrian phase (which I believe the signage recommends), they conflict with…
  5. I rode this route last week while in DC for the LAB Bike Summit. I didn't realize until about halfway up to Columbia Heights that I was supposed to use the pedestrian signal. I read on the PBIC that they're changing the traffic signals to prohibit…