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Internet video presence is imperative for a company’s success in today’s marketplace. When potential clients research your company on Google, they want an extensive view into the organization that highlights the products and services offered to them. The most direct and effective way to achieve this is through video. Trick Pony Productions LLC is a Branded Video Production company that specializes in capturing your company’s essence in a visual format. We utilize the latest technologies to provide you with a premium product at a surprisingly affordable rate.

Websites needs to engage viewers and tell your company story quickly and effectively. You need to make the most of your online marketing efforts. Google clicks get visitors to your homepage but what compels them, keeps their attention and sparks interest converting them to clients? It’s video content provided by Trick Pony of course. We are experts at conveying your company in a visual format that will serve as a magnet for your online audience. Whether you need an eye-popping corporate identity video to build awareness or just want to bring your site to life, video is the solution.

Consumer attention spans are at record lows, probably from text messaging. lol. Potential clients cruising the web tend to get lost in informative text and leave websites prematurely. Our videos shotgun your company information to viewers in an intriguing and efficient way. They help reduce bounce-rate [visitor time on site], increase Search Engine Optimization, and help convert potential clients into clients... Which are the ultimate goals of having a website aren’t they?

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