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Audiovisual organism "Trihars" belongs to one of the most underground, yet the fastest emerging new media projects in Latvia for the last couple of years. And apart from being emerging the trinity (Rihards Vitols, Peters Riekstins, Kristaps Biters) are also showing a great potential at formatting a professional electronica drift – from experimental to glitch, from witch house to industrial, from ambient to IDM. Similar to Vatican Shadow, Pete Swanson, Demdike Stare and Pictureplane, Trihars mix chopped and screwed drum and bass rhythm with industrial and electronic generated dirty/clean noises, glitches and blocks of vocal/melodic samples, and no one (except them) knows who generates what – there is no set role and set tools and effects for the audio guys Kristaps and Peters, and whatever they have, goes out trough speakers. It's more like a rhythmic storm cloud approaching, and no one (in this case even they) doesn't know will it burst into rain or pass by. Seeing them on live is also an optical pleasure. Most likely because of Rihards' visual jockeying - the third of them, who visualizes all the hearing. And the performance, aside from the experimental, rambling tune finally gets a geometrical, strict, yet still hypnotic shape.

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