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Trinette & Chris run a successful commercial assignment photography business with an international client list. Their background and education includes photography, motion video, advertising, copy writing, editing, art directing, artist representation, and design consultation. They work as a collaborative team on shoots, sharing roles as art director, photographer, and film director. Trinette created Plush Studios and is also a founding owner in Blend Images.

In recent years, their passion has led them in the direction of photographing luxury spas, hotels and resorts. This was a natural transition for them born out of their love of travel, modern design, healthy living, organic food, yoga, and meditation.

They call California home and they live and work in the San Francisco bay area with their two Chihuahuas. Trinette and Chris are available for photography and motion video assignments in addition to design and visual consulting. They thrive with creative collaboration. They have experience photographing food, lifestyle, architecture, landscape, and still life.

Their gift is in combining different visual elements to create a story with a clear branding message that is a moving experience for the viewer.

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