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I am a multiple Emmy and Clio award winning Director/Designer, a veteran of live-action, CGI, traditional animation, and digital compositing. My work takes viewers’ beyond an everyday reality employing unique images and humor. This includes not only adorable babies in tires for Michelin, and in diapers for Huggies, but also elite athletes on the hardwood to Willard Scott in pajamas.

I have used a medley of techniques and software to design images and tell stories, which are at once challenging, humorous, enchanting and current. In my earliest work creating animated segments for Sesame Street, as well as my benchmark Pampers, Michelin, Huggies and Capri Sun spots, my creative approach has always left viewers with a strong brand impression that often lasts for years. Many of my spots can be found currently on YouTube posted by others.

I have broadened my work beyond the commercial arena, with new expressions of storytelling as a goal. Actuality, documentary, viral marketing pieces, webisodes and independent shorts are also part of my portfolio, and on many smaller commercial campaigns I have written, designed, directed, shot and edited.

I have also expanded my 2-D digital art to create two children’s picture books and several gallery showings.

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