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A True Artist Who Knows the Rhythm of Life
Travis Marr’s passion for music began in his childhood growing up with a house full of music genres. From his mother’s influence of classical music, to hearing his sister’s 60s, 70s, and 80s music favorites, to his father’s influence of old-school country music and Native American heritage drum music. Travis experienced a plethora of music and a broad spectrum of musical blends he would later use as a musician.
Travis also learned to play traditional instruments gaining a better understanding of the mechanics of music. At eight years old Travis learned to play the trumpet and saxophone. 
He competed in concert halls, marching bands and jazz bands throughout high school. Outside of school he quickly learned to play guitar at 15 years old. His strongest influences for guitar were rock-n-roll greats like Jimi Hendrix and the Red Hot Chili Peppers – enlightening his understanding of music theory.

In 1997 Travis discovered the music that would change the course of his life and his career – electronic music. One night he saw BT perform an amazing set of his own produced tracks, and, instantly, he felt the drive to bring his own sounds to life. The next day he bought his first Korg drum machine and synthesizer, and began creating original beats, melodies and sounds. He then moved on to spinning records, CDs and producing music. From1999 to the present day, he has and currently mixes tracks in the biggest clubs in Orlando, South Carolina, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles and Miami. Travis’ ultimate goal is to bring people together through the positive power of music.  
VJing has played a significant part in Travis’ career since 2005. He started Vjing because of the unique appeal of doing something different, while still remaining part of the underground, dance-music scene. After grabbing a laptop and a VJ program one day, Travis performed a VJ gig for JunkieXl. It was so well received, one job led to another, and he is now a professional VJ who is well-known and sought after for his talent.
Some artists Travis has worked with include:
·         Paul Van Dyke
·         Roger Sanchez
·         Steve Lawler
·         Crystal Method
·         Dj Icey
·         Babe Anne
·         Plump Djs
·         Donalde Gluade
·         Dj Dan
·         Christopher Lawerence
·         Kimball Collins
·         Dave Cannalte
·         DubFire
·         Funkagenda
·         Chus + Ceballos
·         JP
·         Meat Katie
·         Uberzone
·         Bassbin Twins
·         Richard Vission
·         Carlo Lio
·         Patric M
·         2000 and One
·         BigLittle
·         Elias R
·         Carlos Mendoza
·         Gino Sutera
·         Lee Curtis
·         Art Department
·         Jonny Cruz
·         Damian Lazarus
·         Luca Bacchetti
·         Fur Coat
·         Matthias Tanzmann
·         Fobia
·         Martin Buttrich
·         Leo Montoya
·         Monsanto
·         Ed Abisada
·         Anastasia
·         Weston Cooper
·         Chad Andrew
·         Lee Burridge
·         Danny Howells
·         Anthony Hernandez
·         Atnarko Bear
·         Ivano Bellini
Travis continually upgrades his equipment, knowledge and content to guarantee the absolute best results in creativity and entertainment value. For an even more unique and valuable visual experience, Travis does what most VJs do not do. He specifically tailors each performance to the artist’s music – as it is happening!
In addition to VJing Travis produces lighting for shows as well as shooting video. He is also a well-experienced video editor. Enjoy this sample of his video footage, and be sure to check back for more, visually enticing videos to be posted soon.

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