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Trivia FX is a small production house. You might hear about and deal with small production houses all the time. And true, the personnels of Trivia FX are just scraps of all the eager young minds of the world. Let us tell how Trivia FX is the embodiment of that spirit, and therefore what makes it stands out. We work to combine filmmaking and digital effects, ensuring both to be synchronized from the very beginning of the production. We go with conceptual designs from the start. Our works range from digital filmmaking, TV commercials, fillers, company profiles and video presentations. Our arsenals? Vigorous dreamers, boiling dynamics, vibrant creativity and free flowing energy!

Life is to operate also between the gaps of what is possible. With that in mind, we aim high. We treat each project as our first, taking baby steps to take on new approaches, seizing new methods and going through newly posed challenges in order to excel. In short, we push what we perceive as our boundaries, within the given time. We can promise you all the good things, but none would be realized before we finally work together. We can go on and on about ourselves, but you always have the choice to instead judge what we have produced. Kindly take a look at our showreels at

contact person : Dirga +62 857807 66280 |

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