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Welcome to the TROLL CHANNEL!

We made these films in 1993 when we were 12 years old. Let the 80s nostalgia begin!

Kristi and Erin were best friends since they were 2. They were born in 1981. The same year that MTV was born. The girls lived across the street from each other and grew up in Ohio. Being both only children, they were like sisters. Their neighborhood had some kids, but not a lot on their street and with that sparked a lot of creativity and ingenuity. Instead of sitting inside watching tv all day, they were constantly inventing fun things to do, playing hotel, library... these little entrepreneurs even published a neighborhood gazette that they sold to their neighbors (printed on Kristi's Dad's old green and white striped paper printer and the help of DOS), post cards cut from used greeting cards, picked flowers from lawns and sold them to their neighbors, and of course along with creating a tent out of a full sheet and her Mom's handmade paper art screens (looked so classy in my backyard), squirt gun fights with the neighbor boy, running through water sprinklers and connecting their bikes together with sheets to create a tandem bike (don't try that ever).

Well, one day, age 9, Kristi got a hold of the family video camera. From that moment on she filmed everything! Her dog Sparkie, friends, barbies, and then one day...Erin was over and they were hanging out with a bunch of trolls. Let's film them too!

These videos are about 18 years old, so please excuse the quality. The first actual Troll video was made in 1993. They were in 6th (Kristi) and 7th (Erin) grade. (Barbies were made in 1991 or '92) Oh and to clarify, its the cute silly weird looking jewel in the tummy trolls. Way before the internet and creepy rude "internet troll" was even such a thing. This was a time before facebook, cellphones, a lost era when things were simpler and in my opinion a lot more fun! So let's put on our funky sweaters, ace of base walkmans, jazzed up hair, and watch some Troll Channel!

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