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Troublemakers is an award-winning production company based in the heart of Paris. We like to think of ourselves as the pencil & paper of advertisers in a world where culture meets commerce. Our prime focus is to weave a connection between brands and consumers through storytelling, to use the techniques that are right for the job, from live action, 2D and 3D animation to any other medium that enables us to create solid innovative images and state of the art digital content for the advertising industry. Troublemakers represents French & international directors. Founded in 2008 by James Hagger, the Troublemakers are driven by passion, love and perfection of the pixel. Our mission is to excel in the work we produce, to create the impossible through the unimaginable, to share and connect with global audiences. The Troublemakers are Anthony Scott Burns, Brian Mah, Burcu & Geoffrey, Clemens Wirth, Dani Wolf, David Lobser, Icecream, Jens & Anna, Jon Yeo, Julien Faure, Lucas Zanotto, Mate Steinforth, Mato Atom, Onur Senturk, Scott Benson, Trizz, We Think Things, WeWereMonkeys, Wolfberg.

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