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Trousers London is a London-based premium men's jeanswear label, launched in February 2008. With their sustainable foundations, Trousers London create an exclusive series of coveted designs in organic denim, moving away from disposable clothing trends towards a new tradition of collectible fashion.

Coming from the diverse fields of Architecture, Advertising, Business, Design and Social Media Marketing, the varied backgrounds of the team behind Trousers London have been fundamental in the development of the brand. Not following the conventional schools of fashion, the team bring their own individual methodology to the process of fashion design, marketing and promotion, which allows for a distinctive, balanced and original approach, reflecting the progressive nature of the brand. The aesthetics and 3D proportions of the designs are largely influenced by architectural design methods and the branding is a reflection of tradition and workmanship.

The main ambition of Trousers London is to maintain a specialism in high-quality, directional men's denim, this focus on denim allows for the exploration of patterns, fits, materials and production in a greater depth and detail.

Trousers London believe that a sustainable outlook should be fundamental and not an afterthought when building a brand. However, “design” leads the way and they endeavour to boldly recreate a garment that has become a staple in society.

The range is crafted with patience and skill in small batches, in our Italian factory using organic premium denim. Each new jeans model is numbered in the order of its design. To ensure the exclusivity of the jeans, as well as carefully selecting materials and applying intricate details, every pair is given a unique ID number. Each model of jeans is limited edition.

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