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2016 hails the 18th year of production for

We have longstanding relationships in both the private and public sectors throughout BC, Canada, and North America.

TNE is a production company with a proven track record. We are recommended for both the excellence of our media messaging, and our client relationships. We are renowned for producing high-end media in a cost effective manner that resonates core message with clarity and inspiration.

Highly acclaimed as a media content producer, TRUE NORTH ENTERTAINMENT has won 20 international awards.

What sets TRUE NORTH ENTERTAINMENT apart from other companies is our exceptional ability to help clients focus on what’s important:

Brand Messaging

Stakeholder Communication

Financial Strategy

Corporate Events

Speaker Support

Training & Recruitment

From our experience we know there is an everlasting well of inspiration and engaging story-lines and we love the journey from idea to realization.

From script development, to shooting, to post-production, to exhibition, we deliver the best quality messaging possible.

We shoot to inspire.

We edit to captivate.

We love motion.

We love patience.

Whatever the scene calls for, we create the right pacing and core message for your audience.

TNE's greatest competitive advantage is our people.

We have a strong core of players and bring on specialists for unique needs. Whatever the needs, TRUE NORTH ENTERTAINMENT brings together the best team possible for every project. We engage depending on geographic location, experience and shooting or production style.

TNE only works with experienced associates who are fun to work with and understand their role implicitly.

While the TNE team has extensive experience with corporate and public agency communication, our critically acclaimed, award winning associates have also worked for major film studios like MGM, Universal, Disney Studios, and commercials agencies as well as television series productions for national and international markets.

We draw on our feature film story telling experience to make every project exceed a client’s expectations.

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