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Torino - Italy

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Truly Design was born as a traditional graffiti crew, uniting 4 friends with common passions other than graffiti: illustration, graphic design, classic painting, and more or less anything which could arise from mixing these disciplines. Starting from 2003, the chaotic, nocturnal adventures beside the railtracks slowly started evolving into experimental graffiti, inspired by graphic design and illustration.
The crew soon became a breeding ground of ideas challenging the traditional boundaries of graffiti, pushing the collaboration to the birth of a visual communication studio in hometown Torino. The complementary skills of the four friends came binded together into a cauldron of ecleptic ideas.
Mauro149, Rems182, Ninja1 and Mach505 are radically different personalities, with heterogeneous approaches and inspirations, however capable of coalising into an unstoppable and harmonic creative force.

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