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Tru Statement Entertainment is an online music marketing company, stocked with its own roster of artists that range in genres from hip-hop to jazz. These artists provide viewers with free weekly music and video downloads on rotation, as well as daily CD Reviews, Song Recommendations and Playlists that are available to stream. hopes to expose its own roster of artists, as well as act as a one-stop shop for viewers looking to explore new music.

TruStatement’s artists are a carefully picked crew of musicians, emcees, producers, and entrepreneurs, all dedicated to bringing back the originality and soul into music that was once sacred. Now, it's time for to introduce these unique artists to the world through internet distribution, brand marketing, and vigorous touring. We hold our artists to the highest standards and believe each one has the potential for commercial success through television, movies, and radio. guarantees dedication from each artist and will stand by the music, video, and personality that each artists provides on our online record label,

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