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Truth is a Canadian vegan belt and vegan fashion company. Its guiding philosophy is to create high-quality, durable vegan fashion as ethically as possible while making a difference in the world.

While other belts made from vegan materials can fall apart within a few months, Truth’s vegan belts are made to last! In fact, most of Truth’s repeat customers return not because they need a new belt, but because they just want another cool style! One customer reports that “My only problem was having to narrow my choice down to just one type of belt!”

The heart and soul of Truth is in owner-designer Renia Pruchnicki, who founded Truth in 2003. And while Truth manufactures vegan belts, you don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy them! In fact, many people who wear Truth’s vegan belts aren’t vegan at all! Truth’s vegan belts are designed for everybody!

But whether you’re a vegan or an omnivore, a high rolling investor or a down to earth rocker, or somewhere in between, Truth has a vegan belt to suit your lifestyle!

Browse Truth’s many vegan products, including vegan belts, wrist cuffs, t-shirts, dog leashes, yoga equipment, and more, and see for yourself!

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