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I am an independent, underground videomaker operating out of the Midwest. Have been making movies since the old super-8 film days when I was ten years old. I was involved with the creation of some of the first direct-to-video horror movies to hit VHS in 1984-1986, including DAY OF THE REAPER, TWISTED ILLUSIONS, and TRUTH OR DARE? A CRITICAL MADNESS, the latter that saw a very large, successful release.

Although all of my movies have had commercial releases, I make them more for passion than profit. If I do make any money, it usually goes into the next project. Other titles I have made include KILLING SPREE, CREEP, and three sequels to TRUTH OR DARE: WICKED GAMES , SCREAMING FOR SANITY, and DEADLY DARES.

My current project is I DARED YOU! Truth Or Dare 5, collaborating with Ghost Hunters International and Don't Go In The Basement 2 star Scott Tepperman. Stay tuned for news, updates, and videos about this project, and if you wish to get involved with TRUTH OR DARE 5 in any way, please feel free to contact me!

The main reason to create is to really, truly feel alive!

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