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"Sound collage synthesizes with IMAGE in the service of the observant daydream and social consciousness..." ryan miller on the works of RYAN MILLER

Ryan Miller was born in 1978. He grew up in Morris, Illinois. As a child growing up in Midwest America, he was raised among cornfields, evangelical christianity, the local diner, and the X-rated movie theater. As a child he spent weeks building strange alien technologies from found objects, creating worlds in basements from cardboard boxes, drawing cryptic blueprints for supersonic aircraft...

Music became his first creative love. As his interests in experimental electronic music grew during his teenage years, so did his interests in the moving image, society, and the proverbial 'human condition.' He began experiments with found technology pulled from abandoned factories, homes, and flea markets. He spent hours and days reforming these technologies into what he dubbed, at the age of 19, 'TRUTHSCULPTURES.'

Ryan Miller molds and transforms the physical into the digital, whether performing as his sound sculpture alias HUMAN or writing and directing his socially confrontational films. Themes of greed, the maintenance of power, synthesis of divergent media content, 'hyper-media', pervasive advertising, love, poverty, and silence; all find equal treatment in his films, particularly within his debut feature film, scheduled for a 2010 release, "A CITY TO MAKE ME."

LINKS: truthsculpture.com

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