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The TS Collective is a dynamic artist collective consisting of people with different creative and professional backgrounds.

It is our goal, through collaboration of artistic activities and experiments, concept development, and events, to extend the creative boundaries and create a greater diversity of alternative art experience in Denmark.

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  1. Martin Lynge
  2. Jan Detlefsen
  3. Urs Basteck
  4. Kitchen Budapest
  5. Môller
  6. Sune Beermann
  7. Mark Nielsen
  8. Kristoffer Munk
  9. Per Baasch
  10. Mathies Jespersen
  11. DUM!DUM!
  12. VJ Xorume
  13. Danni Nielsen
  14. Casper Øbro
  15. Esben B. Skouboe
  16. charlotte b. nielsen
  17. Martin Hjorth
  18. Platform 4

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