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Daniel G. Andújar, Live and work in Barcelona
(Almoradí, España, 1966)

Technologies To The People (TTTP) began in 1996, as part of the Discord. Sabotage of Realities exhibition project that took place at the Kunstverein and Kunsthaus in Hamburg. It was originally presented as a virtual company dedicated to bringing technological advances closer to the least privileged, a sort of vague corporation that reproduced dissuasive language, the identity tics and visual archetypes associated with the commercial companies in the digital environment. As a definition of the context in which TTTP originated, it is important to refer to a certain incipient explosion that was gathering momentum in the world of information technology at that moment; monetary mirages materialised there—public companies with inflated stock prices, exaggerated initiatives and platforms with no definition—which, after acquiring an incomprehensible media prominence, disappeared as if they had never existed. At the same time, and also in this initial period of the Net, notions uncritically idealising a supposed independence and democratisation of knowledge that the Internet should bring with it began to crop up, though in the end they never materialised. TTTP thus appears as a parody in the aforementioned double sense, i.e., as a disconcerting antithesis to the hypothetical wrongdoings of technological corporations, and also as an ironic counterpoint to the exhortations of the disciples of digital liberty.

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