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Dave Turner: age 29, consultant, film auteur, raging OCD sufferer. Ryan Turner: age 32, computer scientist, engineer, man-about-town. Ryan doesn't really have OCD, but is slightly afraid of toilets. Dave ISN'T afraid of toilets, but is afraid of touching everything else in the world. Yin and yang.

Ryan currently lives in Rome, doing computer science activities for the Air Force, after several years spent dabbling in NASA funded international space station risk analysis, ESL for South Korean children, and living at home. He really put that physics degree from Harvard to use. Rome, NY by the way. Not the one in Italy.

David, went to school in Athens. Athens, GA, where he graduated with a degree in Cellular Biology and Computer Science. Recognizing the potential in combining those studies, he's now an aspiring filmmaker, having written/directed several short films and currently working on a feature. During the day he's also an IT consultant.

What can we say about their relationship?

Ryan is a bit of an intellectual snob. He would never admit it, but considers Dave slightly inferior because he doesn't practice vocabulary flashcards for fun during his spare time. Dave secretly harbors the belief that while they are both equivalent in almost every way, Dave is slightly funnier than Ryan and has a better personality. Unfortunately both have revealed their secrets to each other during the course of applying for the Amazing Race and are now arguing with each other.

Both of them, resistant to the idea at first, were shocked one day to find out that they actually do look and sound exactly the same, as they had been told for years. It's not uncommon for them now to call friends or family members who are hard of hearing (read: grandmother) and pretend to be each other. Both have commonly been mistaken throughout their life as twins. This was particularly annoying for Ryan during his teen years, when he had hit puberty and was a head taller with a deeper voice and was still thought to be a twin.

David thought this was all pretty funny but was annoyed in his own right that despite all attempts to the contrary, he always ended up inadvertently following in his brother's footsteps, footstep by footstep. Case in point: both worked as dishwashers at the same summer camp while respectively in High School. David was extremely proud one day at his creation of a giant Eiffel tower out of 15 large economy sized soup cans, until the kitchen manager smugly told him that Ryan had done the exact same thing 3 years earlier. Only his creation had reached a height of 20 cans.

Let's do some anecdotes:

David's proudest moment is when he tricked Ryan into getting into a garbage bag ("Hey dude.. I bet you can't fit in that garbage bag!"), and then tased him mercilessly with a cattle prod from eBay. We're not sure what Ryan's proudest moment is, but we're confident it's not the same one.

Oh yeah -- and then there was the time recently that David actually called Ryan, "Dave." It's not clear what this means or if they should read too much into it, but it's probably not good news.

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