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'The last story, however incomplete and like the mere opening of a serial, had been told; we handshook and "candlestuck," as somebody said, and went to bed.'


  1. Kyle Canterbury
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  3. Jake Barningham
  4. The Theron Patterson
  5. Ze Do
  6. Ronit Meranda
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  8. Mustafa Uzuner
  9. Can Eskinazi
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  2. Hey! Sounds like this may be a bug. Can you please post about this here? We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused!
  3. i still didn't get a response to this question...
  4. so is it your company who wrote the iphone vimeo app?
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  6. dear vimeo, i'm using vimeo with my iphone all the time (got several accounts). i'm trying to make the privacy setting of a video 'people you choose', but for some reason, i can't set it to that on my iphone. the thing works properly when i log…