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Rich Tamayo is an Emmy winning video producer with nearly 30 years of experience in Video Production. As a child actor who was cast in several national television commercials, Rich's love of the industry inspired him to pursue an education in Video Production. As a natural musician, he also learned the art of quality audio reproduction while working at a prominent recording studio in Hollywood. Rich's later work experience in Broadcast Television & Sunset-Gower Studios, in addition to his studies at UCLA, provided him a solid foundation in film and video production.

Rich's devotion to mastering a “One-Stop-Shop” approach to Video Production was the groundwork premise under which he founded TVP Studios in Burbank, California in 1985. TVP Studios offered just about every aspect of Video & Post production and enabled thousands of his clients to complete their production projects at a single location.

In 2013, TVP Studios became TVP LIVE with the opening of its new Orange County office. While still offering complete traditional Video production services, TVP LIVE now also focuses on computer-based production trends with emphasis on World-Wide-Web media networking via Multi-Camera Recording & Livestreaming. Rich's creative talent, eye for detail, and proficiency in Digital Cinematography & Photography compliment his technical expertise to ensure a product that is not only professionally superior but also aesthetically captivating.

Contact Rich now in Orange County at: (714) 888-4376

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