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Frederick, MD, 21701

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We are a Rock band from the DC metro area! We love kittens, girls, whiskey, and good food.

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  • Facebook - "Like" our Facebook page to listen to our music and see when our next concert is!
  • Twitter - Catch up with us by reading our latest tweets! "That's right, he totally ate the entire plate of bacon this morning!"
  • YouTube - Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see Corey wrestle animals and search for aliens. Also watch video updates, live performances, and various shenanigans caught on camera!
  • SoundCloud - Follow us on SoundCloud and you can listen to our music, add marked comments on whatever part of a song, and let us know what you think of our music!
  • - Our home website (it's kind of like a mothership)! You can see all of our social media activity at the same place, and get all the info on Twin Radio at our homepage!
  • Tumblr - Follow us on our Tumblr and you can read Corey's cavernous thoughts on life, music, movies, and whatever else goes on in that dank head of his!
  • Instagram - Follow us on our Instagram to see photos of our daily lives! *Warning* we eat a lot of food, and put the photos on the internet.


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