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New York City (The Big Apple)

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My name is Twist Grizzly. I enjoy capturing life ,and people in their most raw and beautiful form through pictures, words and Videos.My Dream is to create media that is thought provoking,awe Inspiring, and Sensibly Twisted. I hope to bring the world together through my work and set a new standard in Imagination ,originality ,and pop culture. I refuse to look through the straight line of life that society says you should look through so hence my vision is artfully and originally TWISTed and I attack the subject and senses with the ferocity, power and rawness of a mutated nuclear GRIZZLY bear hence Originality + Imagination/ Ferocity+ Rawness= TwisT Grizzly. Amen


  1. Ian Francis
  2. Farrah Burns
  3. Ala Hajri