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HELLO! from TWOFOLD Magazine!

Here at TWOFOLD Magazine we love illustration and typography so much we decided to make it into a magazine to share our passion for all the amazing pieces of art that are being created by showcasing some of the world's best talent!

TWOFOLD is created out of love and passion for everything illustration and typography. We love creativity! We love quirkiness! And we would love to see what everyone has to offer! We are not looking for any styles or techniques in particular, we want to see anything and everything that people have to offer. Whether its created using paint, pen, a mouse, the humble pencil, crayons, Wacom pen, fingers, paint brushes, fineliners, tea, felt tips pens, paper, your best friend's face or even your cat's tail - we want to see it!

We are also proud to be an independent magazine, which means there are no big companies dictating our content and telling us what we can and can't print and showcase!

We hope that the publication and website will provide people with a platform to showcase their skills and gain recognition, furthermore as a place to gain inspiration!

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