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  1. NYT

    12 videos

  2. Epicurious

    14 videos

  3. Maxwell PR + Kettle Chips Video Samples

    8 videos

    A quick breakdown of the videos in this collection: GQ Avec Alan- We produced this food series for GQ to highlight some of the best chefs in the world, from Michael White to David Chang. The host is Alan Richman, acclaimed food critic for GQ and the man responsible for putting countless American chefs…

  4. PDN Video Examples Directed by Daniel Fickle

    14 videos

    Hey Amy! Here's some examples of videos that have either technically challenging production and/or post-production techniques.

  5. Two Penguins for Julie Harnik

    28 videos

    Hi Julie, here's some relevant video examples you can share with your team!

  6. Two Penguins Productions

    11 videos

    Two Penguins Productions is a full-service creative agency equipped to execute all phases of film and video production, still photography, and music composition.

  7. Shake Shack Animations

    7 videos

    Wanna know what it's like on a car ride with a burger & fries behind the wheel? If you're in ‪#‎LasVegas‬, check out this new series of animations we did for Shake Shack, which streamed at their 1st West Coast Shack, Stripside at New York - New York Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. -…

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