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TXBProject .

Audiovisual company within the entertainment industry enabling the creation of public image campaigns for international artists ( including but not limited to Press, Music videos ,abd promotional photography ) ; Producing , directing and art directing music videos , E.P.K. and photographic campaigns .

TXBProject, Born under the creative mind of Juan Marrero, founder president of Factoria Clip USA , Inc , Miami FL, 1996 - present. Producing and directing music videos , photographic campaigns and E.P.K. for international artist for such records labels as Sony Music, EMI, Warner ,Universal, BMG, Atlantic Records , Big Moon records ( in Europe , united Sates and Latin America ).

TXBProject as a subsidiary production co. in joint venture with video artist Adolfo Bejarano ( TXB73 ) open new studios in Madrid in 2009.

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