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Texas Home Movies provides a professional archival grade film transfers and video transfers to a digital format. With over ten years of professional film lab experience, we are filmmakers and enthusiasts that will treat your film as if it were our own.

Older film can fade and break down, but nearly all film can still be restored and transferred. Now is the time to have your films transferred by experts that can keep your film alive in a digital format for generations to come. Video tapes loose tracking and deteriorate in quality quickly, so the sooner you transfer from analog to digital, the better!

Houston based, we do all work on site so you don’t have to worry about sending your film through the mail. All film is safe and well cared for while in our possession so you don’t have to worry. With an extensive background in film, art and archiving personal media, we have worked with thousands of families across the country.

We are college trained film specialists that strive to be a small film studio that best services the Houston area. By remaining a face-to-face small business, we enjoy working closely with each family to share your memories for future generations.

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