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Based in Wollongong, an hour south of Sydney, Australia. Whether it be a sporting event, live music, weddings or a planned shoot, Captyvate has it covered.

Ty Bowmaker is the sole member of Captyvate. His passion for filmmaking and photography has evolved into a career. His love for action sports, chasing the thrill and ability to keep up with fast paced situations makes him an ideal candidate to capture still and moving images at your next event.

Satisfaction of clients is Captyvate's number one priority. With your input and our direction, we will go to any extent to ensure the final product is satisfactory in both aesthetics and function.

Previous clients include Australian Supercross, Penrite Honda MX, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services, RAW Artists, Pinkbike, VitalMTB, Troy Lee Designs, Kona Bikes, Blokesworld, MotoOnline, [R]evolution Mag, Wollongong Nightlife, EVE Skincare and many more.

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