Tyburn Saints

Brooklyn, NY

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Tyburn Saints is:
Johnny Gimenez - Vocals/Guitars
Chappy - Keys
Justin Lomery - Guitar/Vocals
Wimac - Bass Guitar
Micky Savage - Drums

Tyburn Saints don't sound anything like saints, that's for sure. They actually sound quite like the opposite: maudit artists. Johnny Gimenez's deep, tenebrous tenor knows how to scream at us ("oh Sable"), but also how to lure us with vicious whispers or charming dark ballads ("Bells"). This is well executed dark rock that will find fans among those who revere Mr. Nick Cave's musical output. - NYC Artists on the rise.
-The Deli NYC

Tyburn Saints croon and plea to the Romantic within, embodying a yearning for bygone times, they proclaiming loss, love, lust and disgust through earnest and optimistic eyes. Magical realism meets a rhythmic sensibility which crashes then simmers, providing an organic backbone that makes Tyburn Saints sound at once jarring and melodic. The band weaves together Murder Ballads, Heart Wrenching pop, Soulful punk, and psychedelic surf. The Saints are equally at home in Brooklyn or the areas surrounding Woodstock NY.

It sounds like the theme tune to a slasher film written by Nick Cave. With the extravagantly moustachio'd Johnny Gimenez's deep tenor reaching the parts other voices cannot reach it could well be the sexiest serial killer based love song ever written.
-The Devil has the best tuna

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