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SAMO4PREZ has been creating for 38 years on a plane of imaginary existence while traveling the globe from the USA to Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Romania, Paris, Mexico, Thailand, Japan and his former home for a moment, China.

An artist, writer, fashion designer, activist and philanthropist SAMO4PREZ has shown his work from California (his place of birth) to his new home Austin, Texas. His current work stems from his visual surroundings, memories and the power of influence that pop culture has on community. He is the nephew of world-renowned sculptor and raku artist Conway “Jiggs” Pierson and studied under American sculptor William Catling while attending Azusa Pacific University’s School of Fine Arts.

SAMO4PREZ is also known as Ty Clark and is the CEO/Founder/Designer for Veritas Fashion that he founded in 2008 as a fashion line that embraces the Arts and uses creative individuals to support communities in need all over the world. He has been involved in humanitarian projects in 10 different countries building a network of creative activists from various genres in the international Arts community.

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