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Chicago, IL

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Tympanik Audio is a Chicago-based electronic music label established in 2007 as a vehicle to promote innovative new artists in the electronic music subculture.

Home to many forward-thinking talents including Totakeke, Displacer, Ad·ver·sary, Stendeck, ESA, Unterm Rad, Pneumatic Detach, Broken Fabiola, Integral, Atiq & EnK, Geomatic, Flint Glass, Haujobb, Erode, Normotone, Disharmony, Anklebiter, Comaduster, Tineidae, Known Rebel, C.H.District, Subheim, [Haven], Fractional, c.db.sn, Zentriert ins Antlitz, SE, Black Lung, Worms Of The Earth, r.roo, Access To Arasaka, Ex_tension, Candle Nine, Tapage, Zinovia, Meander, Dirk Geiger, Endif, Zeller, Lucidstatic, Undermathic, Autoclav1.1, Opposite Exhale, Pandora’s Black Book, Famine, and Aphorism.

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  1. Michael Fakesch
  2. Szymon Skrypoczko
  3. Timothée Mathelin
  4. Crime League
  5. hanne adam - adamned.age
  6. Ad·ver·sary
  7. Sebastian Gandt
  9. Elena Aglaja Amadò
  10. John C. Worsley
  11. Andrea Todaro
  12. Comaduster
  13. CRL Studios (James Church)
  14. Ad Noiseam
  15. Undermathic
  16. ant-zen
  17. tapage
  18. Access To Arasaka

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