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I am a charismatic, funny, detected, passionate director, writer, filmmaker. I'm not just a filmmaker I'm a avid gamer, cartoon lover (old-school & Anime). I spend more time at Starbucks than I do anywhere else in my life (tall Pike black...just like me). I see weakness as a sign of something to grow and learn from. I see friendships as new stories tell in my scripts and on camera.

Meeting new people is what keeps me going. Wanting to work and learn from filmmakers all around the world is an endless bucket list. I make mistakes everyday, and I love my cat - Mina Tempes.

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think of my work on Vimeo or via email which you can find below.

Motto: Big dreams lead to big ideas.

Contact: tystone7@gmail.com

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