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What is Unified for Uganda all about?
Unified for Uganda is a purely student run organization that is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is currently made up of private and public high schools as well as colleges located throughout the country.

Our Mission is to financially and emotionally support the education of destitute
children in northern Uganda through the empowerment of American youth.

Why education?
Education, according to local people in northern Uganda, is the single greatest investment that can be made into a child's future. This is why U4U’s strongest and most active program right now is the Education Program which consists of the Sponsorship Program (support of children in primary school) and the Scholarship Program (support of children in secondary school). Families, high school students, homerooms, mentor groups, teachers...the list goes on. Our program supports the most destitute children of northern Uganda.

Why We are Unique
Unified for Uganda is unlike any other non-profit of its kind.

U4U is purely student run. This means 100% of donations and
money raised goes to support the education of destitute children in northern Uganda.

U4U is also the only organization in the greater Cincinnati area that consists of both public and private high schools united for a common cause. This gives U4U an advantage of being able to reach everyone, regardless
of where they go to school.

Most importantly, U4U has a direct connection with the children we support through our Ugandan mentors. All families and schools have personal relationships with the children through the exchange of letters, photos and videos.

please visit out website for more information:

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