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This is video educational content for the UAB Department of Emergency Medicine

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  1. I can't explain what's going on. Now I go back and they are working without a problem, even though I haven't done anything new. Very strange. I'm no longer getting the two errors on safari or chrome.
  2. I reported the same thing happening to me yesterday. I've noticed something since then: when trying to play on google chrome, the videos that don't play give a message like "Dag-nab-it. The video can't be played with your current setup." When trying…
  3. Could you please link me to where you are seeing this error?
  4. I'm not sure if this is the "inconsistencies" mentioned in the above "featured topic", but it seems like half my embedded videos load, while half of them do not. I can't find any pattern to it either. For the ones that don't load: the initial video…