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Über AV is the brain child of Ben & Jon (MoC). We came together through a love of retro graphics, old video systems and making peoples eyes bleed.

We create a mixture of visuals using an old panasonic video mixer, dvd / vhs players, video cameras, laptops, Arkaos, midi pads and as many tvs, projectors and switchers as we can get ahold of!

We currently run all the visuals for the DO IT! nights in Aberdeen and also for the Let It Bleed nights. Weve created live visuals for Casio Kids, Dj Mehdi, Jas Shaw (Simian Mobile Disco), Kissy Sell Out, Digitalism, Offshore (Big Dada), The 2 Bears (Joe Goddard & Raf Daddy), Felix Da Housecat, Foamo, Cassius, Silicone Soul as well as providing regular visual support to Snafu & Origin.

We want to showcase the range of different visuals we create and have started to record all of our sets for your enjoyment! We take a lot of time in setting up our AV equipment and try to tailor it to each gig whether its the use of band logo's or reworking visuals elements already used by said bands / djs! We try to add something extra to the nights were involved in and give it 110% from the side of the stage!

Were always looking to expand our output and are always up for new projects so feel free to contact us at ubervisuals@gmail.com

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