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Synth-driven Human House Music.
Adding the human touch to Electronic, House & Dance music.

Definition: über-/ˈo͞obər/
Prefix: Denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person, sound or thing


ÜBER-TONE's sound echoes from beach parties to sweaty East London warehouses. Drawing on musical influences from the last 25 years of electronic dance music, ÜBER-TONE weave sparkling vocal melodies, over a backdrop of sculpted bass lines, synth riffs and beats to hand deliver hook-laden tunes aimed at the dance-floor. ÜBER-TONE mix digital and live instrumentation in their live performances, blending together everything from 70’s disco, through 80’s synth pop, house, garage and dubstep into their tunes and mixing them into a live DJ set format.

The project is a collaboration between Dobi Kwe – vocalist and keys, Steve Brandwood – production, electronics and guitar, Shaun Lee – bass, and Zsolt Olah – drums, and together they have rocked venues in London, Brighton and a number of intimate festivals around the UK.

ÜBER-TONE’s first release in June 2012 (a 90’s house reworking of heath;ward’s Acidisations) is available to download from all good online retailers (tinyurl.com/6ng72w8). Their second release – entitled Go Get Yours – is planned for summer 2012 and will carry remixes from heath:ward, Dirty Toys and Circle (Sup-Peeps records).

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