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Boston, MA

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Dedication. Discipline. Determination. Ucal McKenzie called them his “three D’s.” And along with teamwork, 
passion and community, they were the driving forces in his life both on and off the soccer field. And they’re the cornerstone of the foundation that will now 
continue his tireless work and honor his legacy: 
The Ucal McKenzie Breakaway Foundation.

Ucal always believed that youth soccer is a stepping stone to high school soccer and beyond. But there are skills and tools – both physical and mental – that are absolutely vital in preparing them for the next levels of competition. This was a void Ucal always worked hard to fill, and it’s why, starting in Summer 2010, the Breakaway Foundation will continue Ucal’s dream of hosting youth clinics in and around the city of Boston.

But soccer is just the beginning. The Breakaway Foundation will also sponsor health and wellness initiatives, CPR classes, fitness education, and more, all to promote a strong, vibrant community.

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