Köln (Cologne), Germany

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Some of the things I am:

* Daddy of a wonderful daughter
* computer and web-maniac since ages
* glutton for books
* incureable music-addict
* interested in politics
* blogger at Ürgsel! Das SalBlog. → uergsel.de
* lead singer and lyricist of Desvelos → desvelos.de
* founder / chairman of the german-language prog-Community [progrock-dt] → progrock-dt.de
* reviewer for the eZine "Der Schallplattenmann sagt... "
schallplattenmann.de and for the german prog-encyclopedia Babyblaue Seiten → babyblaue-seiten.de
* a thoroughgoing idealist.


* Sardinian (the place my family comes from → Sardinia)
* Italian (the nationality I was born into → Italy)
* German (where I live, love and work → Germany)
* citizen of Cologne (the city where I was born → Köln)

and of course

* European (where my culture comes from)

all of this (and more) in variable weight proportions ;-)

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