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Hang Zhou, China

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UFO Media Lab
Founded in 2004 in China Academy of Art, the UFO media lab consentrated a group of the artists and faculties from the school,
which was also the first media lab in China with a goal of the social application of arts and from a college background, led directly by artist.
The lab has been dedicating to the value transformation among media art, technology, frontier theory research and application,
in the direction in innovation in art and its application, to eventually serve the society.
After years of growth and experience, the Lab has constructed a professional platform to synchronize the resources and efforts from artists, designers, scientists and engineers to achieve the balance in research, college and commerce.
The design and application from the lad has been embodied with high energy level and with strong concurrent social characteristics.

UFO 媒体实验室

同时作为TASML | 清华大学艺术科学媒体实验室的杭州工作站。


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