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Uniforms for the Dedicated was founded in 2007 as a collective of artists, musicians, film makers and designers – a playground of creative talent that today provides influence and inspiration to our clothing line as well as stand alone projects under the Uniforms for the Dedicated creative umbrella.

Together we create clothing collections parallel to indulging in art, music and film projects. The merging of these different influences transcends into a fun workflow that sets us in direction, an experimenting journey driven by our plain curiosity and ambition to design both a product and a brand sustainable over time.

Along with a love for function and detailing, we furthermore handpick naturally grown fabrics that are allowed to evolve in character with time and wear. Through these elements combined, Uniforms for the Dedicated intends to capture the key thoughts behind the brand, and consequently, a clothing design that is comfortable, mature yet playful in nature.
With similar experimental approach we like to produce our music, both as Uniforms as well as with other artists and music producers. In accordance to established work format, each collection is commonly made together with a soundtrack. Latest singles of Play of Nonsense, 1020 Trickery Lane, and March of No Coincidence, all relates to the collections of past seasons.

The garments from Uniforms for the Dedicated can be found in 150 retailers around the world. Home base is kept in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden, with additional showrooms in Oslo, London, Milan, Frankfurt, and Antwerp.

Welcome to the experimental assembling line of Uniforms for the Dedicated!

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